Historic England

In 1977 English Heritage as it was then, now Historic England, listed the Entrance Walls with Stone Arch, Gatepiers, the two Chapels and the Lodge House at the entrance to Spital Cemetery as Grade 11, an act of identifying the most important parts of our heritage so they can be protected by law. Entrance Walls with Stone Arch and Gatepiers to Spital CemeteryCemetery Church and Chapel, Lodge to Spital Cemetery

CWGC Graves

In Spital Cemetery there are 35 Commonwealth War Graves from WW1 and 8 from WW11 scattered throughout the cemetery. Some are recognisable because they are in Hopton Wood Stone, but others are in family graves and remembered on private memorials.

The practice of non-repatriation of the dead which was established during the First World War meant that Commonwealth servicemen and women who died in active service abroad were buried aboard so the graves in Spital Cemetery recognise men and women who died at home in military hospitals. Others may have died in training accidents or air raids and some were killed in action in the air or at sea in coastal waters with their bodies washed ashore Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  

In addition to the 43 graves of service personnel from WW1 and 2 who died, many from injuries, as a result of their war service and are buried in Spital Cemetery, there are also memorials on family graves of young sons, husbands and nephews who ‘did not return’. This list contains details of 37 of them located to date. 

World War 1 Memorials


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