A few notes about the symbolic meaning of the flowers carved in the cemetery, and about some of the stonemasons. 

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Beneath Each Wreath lies a Story or Two Tour
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Map and Guide of Spital Cemetery
Here you will find a guide to the cemetery and a map for you to download.  We hope this information will add to your enjoyment when you visit.
We also organise guided tours. Please contact Margaret for more information about these.

Rivers of Life Tour

Here you can download a guide for a short walk from Chesterfield to the cemetery exploring the industrial heritage and natural history along the route. It’s just over a mile, and should take about 45 minutes

Rivers of Life Tour

Trees in Spital Cemetery. A map and list.

Spital Cemetery, opened in 1857, was designed as a Garden Cemetery, informally landscaped, with sweeping roads wide enough for carriages, and smaller paths for strolling. Careful planting — particularly of trees. The whole effect was that of a private, landscaped park, with a central chapel instead of a country house. Many of the trees date from the original planting.    

Trees in Spital Cemetery. A map and list



Early Cemetery Map

Spital cemetery in 1876 showing the layout of the original garden cemetery.

Original layout of cemetery in 1876 



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